Instantly Know Your EBT Balance and Transaction History

Panacea allows you to check your food stamps and cash benefits balance all on your smartphone. Furthermore, it allows you to keep track of your transaction action history.


How it Works

Panacea is the simplest way to check your food stamps and cash benefit balance on your smartphone.


Download the app or use the mobile web version.


Add your EBT card information.


View your transaction history and your food stamps and cash benefits balance.

I’ll never forget the image of my mom looking inside of a bare fridge and hearing the sound of my empty stomach growling. From that day forward, I wanted to make sure that I never went hungry again, but nobody else would either.

Lyndon Jackson

CEO & Founder, Panacea

Lyndon Jackson founded Panacea Financial, a smartphone app, with the same purpose—giving EBT users a way to monitor their benefits on their phones—but his motivations are much more personal. Both he and his lead developer grew up on food stamps, so his initial product testing involved family and friends. “When I was talking to some of these people, it was very exciting because basically they had been ignored,” says Jackson.

Tonya Riley

Wired Magazine

Jackson is one step closer to achieving that goal after winning the Neighborhood Start Fund with his company, Panacea, a payment system and mobile app allowing food stamp recipients to purchase food using their smartphones.

Jacob Wittich

Chicago Sun Times

Our Team

We are committed to excellence and focused on our mission.


Founder & CEO

Lyndon, a Chicago native, oversees the company’s vision, development, and design with impactful social change always in mind. He’s an avid strategist and lateral thinker who, at twenty-three, is the youngest person to ever win the Neighborhood Start Fund competition. Deeply committed to solving problems in disenfranchised communities, he aims to eradicate food deserts and build the next billion-dollar start-up in the process.



Di-Ann Eisnor ​is Director of Growth for Waze, now part of Google. She started the US office in 2009 and continues to spearhead the company's global initiatives to make connected cities a reality and to grow Waze into new markets and new products. Di-Ann serves on the board of the Gray Area Foundation for the Arts, is an active angel investor, a Henry Crown Fellow, and the co-creator of the Neighborhood Start Fund.



Wasalu Jaco better known by his stage name, Lupe Fiasco, is a Grammy Award winning musician and entrepreneur. Wasalu is the Chairman of the Lupe Fiasco Foundation, which focuses on youth empowerment, capacity building and artistic expression. In 2014 he became a Henry Crown Fellow; he is also the co-creator of the Neighborhood Start Fund.

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